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Ductless Heat Pump Benefits

Ductless heat pump also known as mini-split, offer air conditioning, heat savings and dehumidification in many retrofit applications. They are a great complement for existing heating systems.

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LG Ductless Heat Pump

The LG ductless heat pump is our favourite mini split system.   
LG is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of products for home owners in the world. From home appliances, such as fridges & dish washers, to TVs to ductless mini split heat pumps and air conditioners. They are a brand leader across several consumer product categories.

  Here are the top reasons why the LG heat pump has been one of our goto units.

Efficiency Rating

There are two primary heat pump ratings used to compare different models and brands.

     - HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor)
     - SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)

The higher each of these ratings is the more efficiently the heat pump can move heat from outdoor ambient air into your home. For ductless heat pump you should be looking at a SEER of at least 20 and an HSPF above 10.

The LG ductless heat pump fits this criteria perfectly with an HSPF of 11.5 and a SEER rating of 25.5

Operating Temperature

At one time air to air heat pumps worked to only about –5 degrees celsius. That is no longer the case today with most systems operating until at least –15. The downfall of only operating to –15 is during January and February it will get colder than that in atlantic. 

The LG ductless heat pump operates at 70% of its capacity down to –25 degrees celsius.

Air Circulation

Normally a 12,000 BTU heat pump, will cover 600–800 square feet. If the space is bigger than a bigger air circulation is needed to either cool or heat the area.

The LG ductless heat pump as an extremely high air circulation range, over 500cfm and go way down below 300cfm. This mean the LG 12000 BTU will cover up to 1000 square foot spaces.

Noise Level

Home owners are most often concerned with the efficiency ratings of a heat pump. Not much attention is given to the noise ratings on the outdoor and indoor unit.
We always advise homeowners to take this into consideration too. If the noise level is too loud for your comfort than it won’t be something you’re going to want to use very often.

The LG Prestige as the lowest decibel rating in the industry when in low fan mode. The indoor unit of the LG operates at approximately 17db. This is about the same noise level as a library.


The warranty on all LG ductless heat pumps that we sell and install come with a full year ''bumper to bumper'' warranty and the basic LG 5 years parts and 10 years compressor warranty. There is also the option of the extend warranty of 10 years parts and labour direct from LG. 

Price Point

Finally, and the biggest reason this unit is such a hit with home owners, is the cost. 
The cost of an LG Ductless heat pump varies based on:
  • Model (Prestige, Gloss White, Art-Cool)
  • Size (12,000 BTU, 15000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, 24,000 BTU)
  • Number of zones (Single, Multi)
  • Complexity of installation

It’s because of all these variables that it’s so important we visit your home and complete an on-site assessment of your homes square footage, layout, current electrical service & heating system to ensure we’re recommending the right equipment that will save you money.
At Andmar Eco-Energy an LG ductless heat pump 12000 BTU is ranging from $2,900 to $4,000. This is a very competitive price point compared to similar mini-split models in other brand lines. 

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