Ductless Heat Pump Benefits

Lower Heating Cost, Air Conditioning and Dehumidification. They are a great complement for existing heating systems.


LG is a world leader in ductless products and offer what no other company can provide; Best return on investmentaesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and dependable ductless mini-split systems. If having beautiful yet practical air-conditioning is important for you, than Andmar Eco-Energy is pleased to announce that we offer LG's full line of ductless systems.

LG offers one of the most energy efficient ductless mini-split at a COP of 4.63 and one of the quietest at only 17dB. With built in features such as Jet Cool, 4-Way Swing and Power Heating your LG air conditioner and heat pump will provide your home with a comfortable environment year round.


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